The Health Benefits and advantages of Coffee

Many have switched to decaf because medical professionals have warned us that coffee can have bad effects on our health. For example, women were advised to not drink coffee as consumption could lead to the development of lumps in the breast, which over time might become cancerous. As a result of these warnings, many have stopped drinking coffee completely.

As of late several research studies have shown that coffee is not bad for you, and in fact has some health benefits. Medical research in the United States, Canada and Sweden have negated many of the previous theories that coffee is bad for health and including the one that coffee may cause breast cancer.

Several studies have concluded that coffee is actually good for health for several reasons. For instance, coffee contains substances, which can lower women’s risk for estrogen-dependent cancer because of the manner in which these substances work upon estrogen levels.

Coffee – Caffeine and Treatment and Prevention of Diseases

Drinking coffee apparently can lower the risk of many diseases such as Diabetes 2, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, and gallstones. Coffee contains both caffeine and powerful anti-oxidants. So, some of the coffee’s health benefits, are due to caffeine, if you can believe it, and some are due to the anti-oxidants.

Research has also established the value of caffeine in lowering the risk of and treating Parkinson’s disease. Because of these studies drugs are now being developed that contain caffeine for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Diabetes 2 is caused by the body’s inability to dispose of glucose or sugar in the blood. An experiment was done with rats in which the compounds in coffee were given to the rats. The result was those rats that received these compounds demonstrated an increased capacity for their livers to burn sugar. This concludes that the substances in coffee enhance the ability of the body to eliminate blood glucose.

Coffee Has Anti Oxidants

Coffee also contains a high amount of chlorogenic acids. The coffee bean roasting process transforms these acids into chlorogenic acid lactones, releasing and increasing their anti-oxidant content. The role of antioxidants in the human body is to counteract the destructive forces of free radicals, which contribute to various diseases.

These acids are essential to the human body and because coffee beans are the richest source of them, they are highly beneficial. Since coffee is such a popular beverage and so many people drink it, the coffee beans are a major source of these antioxidants and often are the major source, furnishing as much as 70% of their diet. Also, coffee beans are available year-round as opposed to other fruits that are anti-oxidant rich but are not available year-round.

Coffee Relieves Headaches

It is also a fact that caffeine cures headaches. The over counter medicines such as Excedrin contains a combination of caffeine, aspirin, and acetaminophen, but it is the caffeine that really aids the headache.

So, if you ever felt guilty about drinking coffee, rest easy, as it seems it has its health benefits after all.